Monday, May 25, 2015

May 24 2015

The SPC outlook showed that we had to head back north a ways to get into position for todays storms again a 5% tornado risk, with decent CAPE and shear we hoped that our long trek south yesterday would bring about some chase success.
We headed to Denton where we were pretty much in the bulls eye of where we needed to be and played the waiting game hoping for storms to fire. However the cap proved to be the winner today as the daytime heating was not sufficient to prevent todays chase from being a total bust.
Unbelievably storms fired in Kansas which was not even in the risk area for today, this supercell went onto produce a wedge tornado after dark which fortunately missed all residential
areas during it's life cycle.
What is it this year with storms firing outside the risk zones and storms not initiating where the models suggest they should?
We eventually headed to Shamrock for the night. Hopefully tomorrow will bring better luck for us.

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