Tuesday, June 2, 2015

May 27 2015

We had high hopes for today as we headed north out of Abilene to chase a 5% tornado risk in the NE Texas panhandle region.
Storms began to fire around the early afternoon and we got onto a storm with great structure around the town of Canadian. This storm was the only show in town and was watched develop by a massive chaser convergence.
We saw the storm develop strong rotation and we decided to relocate slightly further east to gain greater visibility.

As we headed down the road we saw a tornado develop behind us and we jumped out to watch it intensify into a beautiful photogenic 'stove pipe' tornado. After a few minutes it began to rope out and we witnessed the decaying stage
We headed to a hilltop and watch the storm sit almost stationary close to the town for a few hours. During this time two more brief tornadoes touched down just SW of Canadian, before we decided to call off the chase and head to Shamrock for the night. We had steak to celebrate and then watched the storm produce a nice lightning show into the night.

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